From the light of the sunrise the nature sounds come, lace shadows in the rock, robins that officiate the new day with their placid plumaje, the smell of wet Wood, a winter labor of the 97.

The rain afternoons in the farmer house of his grandparentes, take him to know the craft work of his aunt Mary. The child curiosity knows the posibilities that the materials forma round offers to the leisure of his hands, that were good guided and finally they get more and more knack. The play not ends in the mudo r paint; he was in love with the dolls that he has at home, and he didn’t know best way of spend free time thath designing for them.

In the villaje he joined to the oral tradition of the zone listening the stories in the bars and in the nights at home, in this way, is imagination took everything that his family and neigthbours said. But, out of his village, he dicovered new thing like the influence of David Delfin, who marked hard his thought respect to the fashion and the visión that could have about the old people in the fashion world.

We can say that Marey grows up far from the modernity to take, in a pure way, the things that have Galiza and Rois (in Lugo). The interest thah he has in the childhood, with time, it transforms in passion, and, searching to publish his art and his land, he is here, for you, with open arms.