A collection that seeks the empowerment of Galizan rural and its people. Through the work of the field, which converge and mix, this series of pieces is born that take elements of activities like the care of the cattle, the works of the fields, the harvest… It is the  particular esthetic that is projected in the clothes that collect that recycling of clothes that is done in these jobs, people who wear clothes 20 sizes larger than they need, mixing them without an aesthetic criterion, simply choosing the most comfortable ones to carry out the work of that day. The  use of broken pieces, the mixture of colors, prints, fabrics, sloppiness… is something very common in this aesthetic so marked in rural Galiza. Typical elements of this work are also taken, such as the use of cord to pack grass, sacks or fake udders, with which garments and accessories are created completely with the use of these. Espantallo, a collection made up of 21 looks, stands out for the incorporation of a key element that articulates the collection, its new logo, the head of a cow made with horseshoes by a Galizan craftsman.

All these elements make up Espantallo a collection that brings to light the hard work of the Galician people and makes visible something as important as ruralism for Galicia as it is one of the biggest aspects of identity in this region.